Tea and Poetry at Mei-Li’s Haven – 2013

Enkveldslaiv i Stavanger, satt i Firefly-verdenen. Arrangørene ønsket seg et te-hus med kunstnerpjatt, te, røkelse, sake, vin.

Spillet foregikk på engelsk med innslag av kinesisk.

To av barens ansatte

«Spicy smoke licks silky curtains.. Buddha figurines smile. Servants are ready to graciously pour you a cup of sake or tea. Miners, farmers, artists and traders are all gathered under the same roof – sharing laughter, performances and stories…»

We’re on the Alliance-controlled moon Poyzen. It’s located a short spell just outside the core planet Sihnon. Poyzen is quarantined, which means that the few traders who get permission to sell supplies there – need special clearance.

Travellers can’t stay on the moon too long as the atmosphere is poisonous. Rumours to some and experience to others – is that if you don’t get injected with an antidote on arrival, you’ll get an irreversible disease and suffer an early death.

The inhabitants of Poyzen are very clear minded, artistic and bright. Whether it’s the atmosphere or the antidote that’s the reason for it – we don’t know. But they are addicted to this feeling of clarity. And even though they are smart enough to know it’s not natural – the addiction is too strong for anyone to be able to do anything about it.

Flere bilder på laivgalleriet.

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